25,305 words unlocked! Unlocking 1514 words from Al-Quran: Activity 1: HFW Video Lesson 4: High Frequency Verbs Form 1.1 (فَعَلَ-يَفْعُلُ) - Salim

In this lesson there are 21 High Frequency Verbs (HFVs) in this lesson. Collectively these 22 HFVs alone are repeated in the Quran 1,514 times. Watch the video lesson to learn about them and start doing the activities that follows. This video lesson covers the 5 highest HFV in this group with basic conjugation and example from the Quran. The rest of the HFVs in this group is covered in the pdf section. You can download the pdf file in the RESOURCE SECTION below.

Together with the words you learned in previous lessons, in total you have learned 26,819 words from Al-Quran. And this is the 4th day of the program.

There's a pdf file of the video lesson that you can download below under the resource section.

For better understanding of the basic conjugation for verbs and its indication in the Arabic Language, I have included a video from the Arabic Language Classic Code Certification Program Module 1 Lesson 3 under the RESOURCE SECTION. In this video you will learn the how to look at verbs in the Arabic language and what are the indications to look out for and which type of tense does the word represent. The complete series of this video is available in the AspireInstitute.Tv Unlimited All-Access subscription plan. It includes:

  1. Quran Reading Back To Basics.
  2. Introduction To Tajweed
  3. How To Write Arabic - Introduction
  4. Arabic Language To Understand Al-Quran (Grammar) - Module 1
  5. Arabic Language To Understand Al-Quran (Grammar) - Module 2
  6. Arabic Language To Understand Al-Quran (Grammar) - Module 3
  7. Arabic Language To Understand Al-Quran (Grammar) - Module 4
  8. Chronological Life of Rasulullah p.b.u.h. - From birth to hijrah (migration)

I have included a special discount for you for enrolling in this HFW program. Monthly subscription is only $1 for the first month, subsequent month is at $15 a month. For annual subscription there is a $50 discount. $130 per annum only or $10.83/month.

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