Activity 3: Quranic Exercise For Lesson 4

In today's lesson you have learned a total 22 verbs. These verbs are repeated in the Quran collectively for 1,514 times. There are 10 questions in this quiz. Test your understanding and try to answer them all correctly before going to the next day's lesson. This quiz is graded but you can make multiple attempts on this quiz. You need to get at least 51% correct in order to move to the next lesson.

By answering all questions correctly you have learned 1,514 words used in Al-Quran collectively. Congratulations!

Together with the words you learned in previous lessons, in total you have learned 26,819 words from Al-Quran. And this is only the 4th day of the program.

Keep up the good work!

Revise yesterday's lesson and look forward to learn tomorrow's lesson.

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